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Ruflex is a dynamic and fast growing company, established in 1997 as a manufacturer of gaskets and supplier of hoses and hose-couplings.


(Petro-)chemical, maritime, food processing, construction and general industry, all sectors can rely on Ruflex for the right product, with the right quality at the right moment. Our business relations have always appreciated and valued our service and solution based philosophy.


Ruflex is currently one of the leading companies in the line of business. Over the last years the Ruflex product range has evolved and expanded considerably. Ruflex also features a modern CNC-, punch pressing-, turning lathe- and vulcanizing-department and extensive facilities for hose assembling. These departments, combined with our product specialists enable us to perform all necessary operations in-house.


It regularly turns out how necessary our far-reaching specialization is. We are often asked to consult on the most complex and varying problems, and seldom in vain. To provide this unique service, we’ve acquired specialists for every line of work. People who think along with you, analyse problems, test ideas and implement solutions.


Besides these services, Ruflex supplies the bulk of it’s products directly from stock. Top quality products, against highly competitive prices.


You are more than welcome to test our willingness!